Hey, have you heard about the latest news coming out of Las Vegas? A recent video has surfaced, showing two murder suspects running from a hotel room after a shooting on the famous Las Vegas Strip. In this captivating video obtained by 8 News Now, investigators pieced together the case, revealing the chilling events leading up to the crime. The footage shows 25-year-old Brian Altamarano Solano walking hand in hand with Erica Covington and Ariana Taylor just minutes before they allegedly shot and killed him in a guest room. As police delve into the investigation, they discovered additional evidence, such as surveillance videos and explicit footage recorded inside the room. Both suspects have pleaded not guilty and are scheduled to appear in court this Thursday.

Can you believe it? The shocking video obtained by 8 News Now shows two murder suspects fleeing a strip hotel after allegedly killing their victim in a guest room. The clip reveals the chilling moments leading up to the crime, with the suspects captured on camera walking together just before the shooting occurred. As investigators piece together the case, more evidence emerges, including surveillance videos and explicit footage recorded inside the room. The suspects have entered a plea of not guilty and are set to face further legal proceedings.


The case involving the murder of Brian Altamarano Solano on the Las Vegas Strip has captured the attention of both local residents and the wider public. The incident took place in a guest room at a strip hotel, and surveillance footage has provided valuable evidence for law enforcement agencies. In addition to the video footage, investigators have also uncovered other evidence that sheds light on the events leading up to the murder. The suspects in the case have pleaded not guilty and are awaiting their upcoming court date.

Video Shows Las Vegas Strip Murder Suspects Running

One crucial piece of evidence in this case is a video that shows the suspects running from the scene of the crime. This footage was captured by surveillance cameras in the vicinity of the hotel. It clearly shows two individuals, later identified as Erica Covington and Ariana Taylor, fleeing from the hotel shortly after the alleged shooting took place. The video is instrumental in establishing the suspects’ presence at the crime scene and their involvement in the incident.

Investigation and Case Progression

The investigation into the murder of Brian Altamarano Solano has been a meticulous process, with law enforcement agencies piecing together evidence from various sources. Surveillance videos from different locations have been instrumental in this process, providing crucial timestamps and visual evidence. Through diligent analysis of these videos, investigators were able to identify Covington and Taylor as the suspects. This evidence was then presented to a grand jury, further strengthening the case against the defendants.

The Crime Scene

The murder occurred in a guest room of a strip hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. The room, where Altamarano Solano and another woman were staying, became the site of a tragic incident. The timeline of events indicates that the victim spent approximately 15 minutes in the room before the shooting took place. The discovery of his body hours later by a worker in the hotel was a gruesome sight. The crime scene is an essential element of the investigation, as it provides valuable clues about the circumstances surrounding the murder.

Evidence Against the Suspects

One key piece of evidence against the suspects is a cartridge casing found at the crime scene. Forensic analysis determined that the casing matched Taylor’s gun. This discovery strongly implicates Taylor in the shooting. Additionally, explicit videos were found in the hotel room, featuring the suspects and Altamarano Solano. These videos were recorded shortly before the incident, providing further evidence of the suspects’ presence and their interactions with the victim. The timing of these videos aligns with the timeline established by the surveillance footage, reinforcing the prosecution’s case.

Background of the Victim and Other Potential Motives

Brian Altamarano Solano had a complex background, which investigators have explored for potential motives in the murder. Altamarano Solano was staying in the hotel room with another woman, who informed investigators that he did not speak English and was seeking asylum from Nicaragua. This connection raises questions about the dynamics between Altamarano Solano, Covington, and Taylor and the motives behind the alleged shooting. The investigation is ongoing to determine any additional factors that may have contributed to the crime.

Plea and Court Proceedings

Both Covington and Taylor have entered not guilty pleas in connection with the murder of Altamarano Solano. They are scheduled to appear in court soon to further address the charges against them. The outcome of their court proceedings will be pivotal in determining the course of justice in this case. Additionally, a friend of the suspects, named in court documents, has requested privacy during this difficult time. The court proceedings will shed more light on the motivations and intentions of the defendants, providing further insights into the tragic events that unfolded.


The murder of Brian Altamarano Solano on the Las Vegas Strip has shocked the community and prompted a widespread investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death. Thanks to valuable video evidence, law enforcement agencies have been able to piece together a timeline of events and identify the suspects involved in the crime. The prosecution’s case against Erica Covington and Ariana Taylor is further strengthened by the discovery of important evidence, including a cartridge casing and explicit videos. Moving forward, the upcoming court proceedings will be crucial in determining the fate of the defendants and seeking justice for the victim and his loved ones. The case highlights the importance of thorough investigations and the significance of video evidence in the pursuit of truth and accountability.