Hey there! Have you ever stayed at The Venetian resort in Las Vegas? Well, if you’re thinking about it, there are some things you should know. First of all, as of August 2023, The Venetian is no longer associated with IHG Rewards, so keep that in mind if you’re a member. But don’t worry, there are still plenty of reasons to consider staying there. The resort features spacious rooms that are larger than your typical hotel room in Vegas, and it’s conveniently located on the Las Vegas Strip with access to various attractions and activities nearby. Plus, the resort offers amenities like pools, day clubs, restaurants, and even a casino. The only downside is that the lighting in the rooms might not be ideal for makeup application, and the bathrooms lack vents. But don’t let that discourage you! Overall, The Venetian is a popular and luxurious option for your stay in Vegas.

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The Issues with Lighting in the Rooms

When staying at The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, one of the most noticeable issues is the inadequate lighting in the rooms. There are several key problems with the lighting that can negatively impact the overall experience for guests.

Insufficient brightness

The first issue with the lighting is the lack of sufficient brightness in the rooms. The lighting fixtures in the room do not provide enough illumination, making it difficult to see clearly. This can be particularly problematic when trying to apply makeup or perform detailed tasks that require good visibility.

Inconsistent lighting color

Another issue with the lighting is the inconsistent color temperature throughout the room. Different light fixtures may emit different colors of light, causing a mismatch in the overall lighting aesthetic. This can result in a room that feels disjointed and unbalanced in terms of lighting.

Shadows and glare

Shadows and glare are common problems in the rooms at The Venetian Resort. Poorly placed light fixtures can create shadows in certain areas of the room, making it challenging to see clearly. Additionally, excessive glare from reflective surfaces can be distracting and uncomfortable for guests.

Lack of dedicated makeup area

A significant issue for guests who enjoy wearing makeup is the lack of a dedicated makeup area in the rooms. Without proper lighting and space to apply makeup, guests may struggle to achieve accurate makeup shades, blend their makeup effectively, and perform intricate makeup techniques.

Impact on Makeup Application

The inadequate lighting in the rooms at The Venetian Resort can have a direct impact on the application of makeup for guests. Here are some specific challenges that guests may face:

Difficulty in achieving accurate makeup shades

The insufficient brightness and inconsistent lighting color can make it challenging to accurately match foundation shades to the skin. Without proper lighting, guests may end up with makeup that looks different indoors compared to natural daylight.

Uneven makeup application

Inadequate lighting can result in uneven makeup application. Shadows and poor visibility make it difficult to see areas of the face clearly, leading to a lack of precision when applying makeup.

Inability to properly blend makeup

Proper blending is crucial for achieving a seamless makeup look. However, without adequate lighting, guests may struggle to see their blending progress, resulting in poorly blended makeup.

Limited visibility for intricate makeup techniques

Guests who enjoy experimenting with more intricate makeup techniques, such as cut creases or winged eyeliner, may find it challenging to execute these techniques in rooms with inadequate lighting. The lack of visibility can make it difficult to achieve the desired precision and detail.

Possible Causes of Inadequate Lighting

To address the issues with the lighting in the rooms, it is essential to understand the potential causes. Here are some factors that may contribute to the suboptimal lighting:

Poorly placed light fixtures

The placement of light fixtures plays a crucial role in the overall effectiveness of the lighting. If the fixtures are not strategically positioned to provide even and ample illumination throughout the room, it can lead to areas with inadequate lighting.

Inadequate number of light sources

Insufficient lighting can also be a result of not having enough light sources in the room. Depending on the room layout and design, there may be areas that lack proper lighting due to a lack of fixtures or bulbs.

Low-quality bulbs

The quality of the bulbs used in the light fixtures can significantly impact the lighting experience. Low-quality bulbs may produce dimmer or harsher light, leading to inadequate lighting conditions in the rooms.

Inefficient lighting design

The overall design of the lighting system in the rooms may not be optimized for providing the best lighting experience. A poorly designed lighting layout can result in inconsistencies in brightness, color temperature, and distribution of light.

Comparison with Ideal Makeup Lighting

To understand the extent of the lighting issues at The Venetian Resort, it is helpful to compare them with the characteristics of ideal makeup lighting. Here are some key features of ideal makeup lighting:

Bright, natural-looking light

Ideal makeup lighting should provide ample brightness to ensure proper visibility without being overly harsh. The lighting should mimic natural daylight as closely as possible to achieve accurate color representation.

Uniform and consistent color temperature

Consistency in color temperature is crucial for ensuring that makeup shades look the same in various lighting conditions. Ideal makeup lighting should maintain a consistent color temperature throughout the room.

Even distribution of light

To avoid shadows and ensure uniform visibility, ideal makeup lighting requires an even distribution of light. This can be achieved through well-placed light fixtures strategically positioned to provide balanced illumination.

No or minimal shadows and glare

Ideal makeup lighting should minimize shadows and glare to ensure optimal visibility and comfort for guests. By eliminating excessively harsh or reflected light, guests can have a clear view of their faces without any obstructions.

Dedicated, well-lit makeup area

An ideal makeup setup includes a dedicated area with proper lighting specifically designed for makeup application. This area should have adequate brightness, color accuracy, and sufficient space for guests to comfortably apply their makeup.

The Importance of Proper Lighting for Makeup

Proper lighting is essential for achieving a successful makeup application. Here are some reasons why adequate lighting is crucial for makeup:

Accurate color representation

Good lighting allows individuals to see colors accurately, ensuring that makeup shades can be matched to the skin tone effectively. Without adequate lighting, the true colors of makeup products may appear different, leading to mismatched shades.

Enhanced makeup application

With proper visibility, individuals can apply makeup with precision and accuracy. Adequate lighting helps to highlight the contours and features of the face, making it easier to achieve the desired makeup look.

Improved makeup blending

Proper lighting enables individuals to see the progress of blending techniques, ensuring seamless and well-blended makeup application. With inadequate lighting, it becomes challenging to achieve a smooth and cohesive makeup look.

Better visibility for detailed work

For intricate makeup techniques, such as precise eyeliner or intricate eyeshadow looks, proper lighting is crucial. Good visibility allows individuals to see the fine details and execute these techniques with accuracy.

Boosted confidence in makeup appearance

When makeup is applied under proper lighting conditions, individuals can have a more accurate perception of how their makeup looks. This can boost their confidence, knowing that their makeup appears as intended in various lighting environments.

Potential Solutions for Better Lighting

To address the lighting issues in the rooms at The Venetian Resort, several solutions can be implemented. Here are some suggestions for improving the overall lighting experience:

Increase overall brightness in the rooms

One straightforward solution is to increase the overall brightness in the rooms by installing brighter light fixtures or using higher wattage bulbs. This can significantly enhance visibility and make it easier for guests to see clearly.

Install light fixtures strategically

Strategic placement of light fixtures can help ensure even distribution of light throughout the room. By strategically positioning fixtures in areas that may experience shadows or low lighting, a more uniform lighting experience can be achieved.

Use high-quality, daylight-balanced bulbs

Using high-quality bulbs that provide a natural daylight color temperature can greatly improve the overall lighting quality. Daylight-balanced bulbs closely mimic natural sunlight, allowing for accurate color representation and better visibility.

Provide adjustable lighting options

To cater to individual preferences, offering adjustable lighting options in the rooms can be beneficial. Dimmer switches or adjustable fixtures can allow guests to customize the lighting to suit their specific needs.

Designate a dedicated makeup area

Creating a dedicated makeup area in the rooms can address the lack of space and lighting specifically tailored for makeup application. This area should be well-lit, have a magnifying mirror, and provide ample countertop space for guests to comfortably apply their makeup.

Offer makeup-friendly amenities

In addition to improved lighting, providing makeup-friendly amenities can enhance the overall makeup experience for guests. This can include well-lit vanity mirrors, adjustable mirrors with different magnification options, and additional lighting fixtures specifically designed for makeup application.

The Benefits of Improving Room Lighting

Implementing better lighting solutions in the rooms at The Venetian Resort can bring several benefits for both the guests and the resort itself. Here are some advantages of improving room lighting:

Enhanced guest satisfaction

Guests who experience improved lighting conditions will likely be more satisfied with their overall stay. Adequate lighting for makeup application can contribute to a positive guest experience and leave a lasting impression.

Improved makeup experience for guests

By addressing the lighting issues, guests will have a better makeup experience during their stay at The Venetian Resort. They can confidently apply their makeup with accurate color representation, precise blending, and detailed techniques.

Positive word-of-mouth recommendations

Guests who have a positive makeup experience due to improved lighting are more likely to share their satisfaction with others. Positive word-of-mouth recommendations can lead to an increase in bookings and attract new customers to the resort.

Increased customer loyalty and repeat visits

By providing an exceptional makeup experience through improved lighting, The Venetian Resort can build customer loyalty. Satisfied guests are more likely to return for future stays and recommend the resort to friends and family.

Considerations for the Venetian Resort

Before implementing lighting upgrades, there are several important considerations for The Venetian Resort to keep in mind:

Evaluate cost and feasibility of lighting upgrades

It is crucial to assess the cost and feasibility of implementing lighting upgrades in the rooms. This includes considering both the initial investment and any long-term maintenance or operational costs related to the new lighting solutions.

Potential impact on room rates and resort fees

Lighting upgrades may have an impact on room rates and resort fees. The resort should carefully evaluate how the investment in improved lighting will affect pricing structures and determine if any adjustments are necessary.

Collaborate with lighting experts and interior designers

To ensure the most effective lighting solutions, collaborating with lighting experts and interior designers is recommended. These professionals can provide valuable insights and expertise in creating optimal lighting environments for makeup application.

Ensure compliance with safety and energy efficiency standards

When implementing any lighting changes, it is crucial to adhere to safety regulations and energy efficiency standards. This includes using certified fixtures and bulbs that meet industry standards for both guest safety and environmental sustainability.


The lighting in the rooms at The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas falls short when it comes to makeup application. Guests may encounter difficulties and limitations due to insufficient brightness, inconsistent lighting color, shadows, and glare, as well as the lack of a dedicated makeup area.

Improving the lighting to meet ideal makeup application standards can greatly enhance guest satisfaction and overall experience at the resort. By implementing solutions such as increasing overall brightness, strategic light fixture placement, and using high-quality bulbs, guests can enjoy improved visibility and color accuracy for their makeup.

Consideration should be given to designing dedicated makeup areas in the rooms and offering makeup-friendly amenities. Collaboration with experts, careful evaluation of cost and feasibility, and compliance with safety and energy efficiency standards are vital steps in achieving improved room lighting at The Venetian Resort.