In “Roughed Up in a Vegas Hotel Room? | Part 1”, Judge Judy explores the story of Sheila and her ex David, who seemed to have a good relationship until their fateful reunion in Las Vegas. The video starts with Judge Judy questioning David about his visit to Las Vegas and whether it was for the purpose of seeing Sheila. Despite their previous argument over text messages, they had arranged for Sheila to visit David in his hotel room. However, what happened next took an unexpected turn as Sheila describes the events leading up to an altercation in the hotel room. Stay tuned for Part 2 to find out how Judge Judy unravels this complicated situation.

Throughout the video, Judge Judy maintains her friendly tone and attentive demeanor as she listens to both sides of the story. With her characteristic no-nonsense approach, she seeks to understand the events that transpired on that day in May. Will she be able to reach a fair resolution? Tune in to find out in Part 2 of this captivating case on Judge Judy!


Sheila and David were once in a relationship and had maintained a cordial relationship after their breakup. However, things took a turn when they reconnected in Las Vegas. Mr. Dobbs had visited Vegas for a show and happened to be staying in a hotel there. While the purpose of his visit was not to see Sheila, they had communicated before his arrival. Their communication consisted of text messages, some of which had turned slightly sexual. Despite their previous argument and cooled relationship, they had made a prearrangement for Sheila to visit David at his hotel.

Arriving at the Hotel

On the designated day, Sheila arrived at the hotel where David was staying. They had agreed to meet at the hotel, and even though there were some unresolved issues between them, they still went through with the plan. It is important to note that before David’s arrival, Sheila had already booked a room for him as she usually did when he visited Las Vegas. However, due to a recent argument they had, she did not have any intentions of seeing him this time.

Events on May 14th

Upon arriving at the hotel, Sheila went to the roulette table where David was playing. She stood behind him and surprised him with a kiss when he turned around. David had made friends with another person at the table, and he introduced Sheila to this person.

Knowing that David had been drinking throughout the day, Sheila offered him a drink. She went to the bar and got him a double shot of Hennessy, as well as a drink for herself. David continued playing at the roulette table while the cocktail waitress arrived and brought him another drink. After finishing his game, they started walking to the hotel room. On their way, David drank the second drink and placed the empty glass down. They encountered a security guard at the elevators, where David showed his key to gain access to the room.

Incident in the Hotel Room

Once they entered the hotel room, David turned on some music while Sheila went over to the window to look outside. David then requested that Sheila pour him another drink. He had brought a bottle of Captain Morgan with him from California, which he had been drinking earlier.

At this point, the details about the incident in the hotel room become unspecified. It is not clear what happened next or the nature of the conversation they were having. However, Sheila mentions that she started discussing a friend of David’s who had been making advances towards her. She had previously sent David a screenshot of the messages from this friend. The details of this conversation and its impact on the unfolding events remain unknown.

Unresolved Issue

One of the main unresolved issues between Sheila and David was related to money. David had asked Sheila if she knew of any places where he could work during his time in Las Vegas. Sheila questioned him about the purpose of the money, but David refused to provide any details and became defensive. This argument about money and the lack of trust it created was a contributing factor in the deterioration of their relationship.

The relationship between Sheila and David had been deteriorating since January to February. Sheila had become tired of David’s lies and had started distancing herself due to his involvement with other women. This unresolved trust issue and the general cooling off of their relationship played a role in the events that unfolded in the hotel room.


The current status of Sheila and David’s relationship after the incident in the Vegas hotel room remains unclear. The incident itself, along with the unresolved issues surrounding money and trust, has likely strained their relationship further. The implications for the next part of the story could involve legal action or emotional consequences for both parties. It is crucial to address these issues and have open and honest communication to move forward.