In a recent video titled “The WORST Hotels in Las Vegas 2022! AVOID These Hotels” by The Vegas Paradise, the top 5 hotels in Las Vegas that should be avoided are discussed. These hotels include Tropicana, Circus Circus, Rio, Excalibur, and Oyo. The video provides timestamps for each hotel’s discussion and invites viewers to agree or disagree with the rankings. In addition, the video offers contact information for business inquiries and ways to support the channel through Patreon or donations. The content delves into the speaker’s negative opinion about a hotel in Las Vegas, emphasizing its outdated and abandoned atmosphere, non-renovated rooms, and lack of positive features. The speaker also asks for comments and opinions about other hotels that should be included in the list of worst hotels in Las Vegas.

Rio: An Abandoned and Outdated Hotel with Non-Renovated Rooms

Introduction to Rio Hotel and Casino

Located on the Las Vegas Strip, the Rio Hotel and Casino has a long history in the city’s hospitality industry. The hotel was opened in 1990 by the Marnell Corrao Associates and has been a popular destination for both tourists and locals. While it was once a thriving establishment, offering a range of amenities and entertainment options, the Rio Hotel has fallen into a state of abandonment and neglect. In this article, we will explore the hotel’s abandoned atmosphere, discuss the outdated and non-renovated rooms, compare it to other worst hotels in Las Vegas, highlight negative opinions from the speaker, and invite viewers to share their own experiences and opinions.

Overview of the Hotel’s Abandoned Atmosphere

Walking through the doors of the Rio Hotel and Casino, guests are immediately struck by a sense of abandonment. The lack of maintenance and care is evident throughout the property. The once vibrant and bustling casino now feels empty and desolate, with rows of unattended slot machines and vacant table games. The overall atmosphere is grim, as if the entire place has been forgotten and left to decay.

The impact of the abandoned atmosphere on guests’ experience is significant. Instead of the excitement and energy one would expect from a Las Vegas hotel, visitors are greeted with a sense of unease and disappointment. The abandoned atmosphere creates a negative impression and sets the tone for a less-than-pleasant stay.

When compared to other hotels on the Strip, the Rio Hotel stands out as a prime example of a neglected establishment. The contrast between the glamour and luxury of its neighboring hotels and the dilapidated state of the Rio is stark. While other hotels invest in regular updates and renovations to enhance the guest experience, the Rio Hotel has seemingly been left behind.

Discussion of Outdated and Non-Renovated Rooms

One of the most evident signs of the Rio Hotel’s declining state is its outdated and non-renovated rooms. The decor in the rooms harkens back to a bygone era, with wood paneling and furnishings reminiscent of the 1990s. The lack of modern amenities further emphasizes the hotel’s outdated nature.

Guests staying at the Rio Hotel are met with subpar quality furnishings and bedding. The worn-out carpets, dated furniture, and tired-looking bedding contribute to an overall sense of discomfort. For those seeking a comfortable and restful sleep, the non-renovated rooms of the Rio Hotel fall short.

Comparison to Other Worst Hotels in Las Vegas

While the Rio Hotel is undoubtedly in a state of disarray, it is important to consider how it stacks up against other worst hotels in Las Vegas. The Tropicana Hotel and Casino, renowned for its poor maintenance and cheap accommodations, ranks among the hotels that should be avoided. Similarly, Circus Circus, with its outdated theme and questionable clientele, has long been regarded as one of the worst hotels on the Strip.

Excalibur, known for its castle-themed exterior, fails to deliver in terms of comfort and room quality. It has consistently received negative reviews for its uncomfortable rooms and lackluster amenities. Oyo Hotel and Casino, formerly known as Hooters, also joins the list of despicable and disappointing hotels in Las Vegas.

When compared to these other worst hotels, the Rio Hotel holds its own in terms of abandonment and outdatedness. While the competition is tough, the Rio Hotel manages to stand out as one of the most neglected and non-renovated establishments in the city.

Negative Opinions and Comments from the Speaker

Having visited several of the worst hotels in Las Vegas, the speaker in the video expressed their personal assessment of the Rio Hotel. In comparison to Excalibur and other hotels, the speaker found the Rio Hotel to be even worse, equating it to a motel-like experience.

The speaker harshly critiques the Rio Hotel for its lack of positive features and amenities. They found nothing redeeming about their stay and were disappointed by the abandoned atmosphere and outdated rooms. The speaker’s negative opinions resonate with many who have had similar experiences at the Rio Hotel.

Invitation for Viewers to Share Their Opinions

As the video comes to a close, the speaker invites viewers to share their own opinions and experiences with the worst hotels in Las Vegas. They encourage viewers to comment and offer suggestions for other hotels that should be included in the list. By engaging with the audience, the video fosters a sense of community and invites discussion around the topic at hand.


In conclusion, the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas has fallen from its former glory, becoming an abandoned and outdated establishment with non-renovated rooms. The hotel’s neglected atmosphere impacts guests’ experience, leaving a lasting negative impression. While comparison to other worst hotels in Las Vegas reveals the fierce competition, the Rio Hotel manages to hold its own as one of the most neglected establishments on the Strip. The speaker’s negative opinions and comments further emphasize the hotel’s decline. By inviting viewers to share their opinions, the video encourages discussion and acknowledgment of the issues surrounding the worst hotels in Las Vegas.