Step into the world of Las Vegas’ newest and most unique hotel experience – The Lexi. Tucked just off the Strip, this former Artisan Hotel has undergone a remarkable transformation, shedding its reputation as a late-night haven for sex parties and emerging as Sin City’s first-ever cannabis-friendly hotel. But don’t expect a hazy cloud of smoke or a bustling dispensary in the lobby. The Lexi is more about inclusivity than centrality, providing a space where cannabis-consuming guests can enjoy their experience without imposing it on others. The boutique hotel, with its 64 rooms and adults-only policy, offers a range of marijuana-friendly accommodations, complete with a specially designed air filtration system on the fourth floor. Here, paying guests can indulge in cannabis consumption, while public areas remain smoke-free. So, if you’re seeking an alternative, laid-back experience in Las Vegas that embraces well-being and the freedom to enjoy cannabis in the privacy of your own room, The Lexi might just be the perfect destination for you.


Welcome to the world of cannabis-friendly hotels in Las Vegas, where The Lexi stands as the city’s first weed-friendly boutique hotel. Owned by Alexandre Rizk, The Lexi takes a unique approach to incorporating cannabis into its atmosphere. In this comprehensive article, we will explore the background of The Lexi, its cannabis-friendly policies, the regulatory landscape in Las Vegas, Alexandre Rizk’s role in the hospitality industry, the legality and regulation surrounding cannabis, and the future plans for The Lexi. So, let’s dive in and explore the fascinating world of Las Vegas’ first cannabis-friendly hotel!


The Lexi’s Origins as The Artisan Hotel

Before it became The Lexi, the hotel was known as The Artisan Hotel, attracting attention as a late-night hangout spot notorious for hosting sex parties. However, under the new ownership of Alexandre Rizk and a small group of investors, The Artisan underwent a transformation to become the first cannabis-friendly hotel in Sin City.

Purchase by Alexandre Rizk

In January 2022, Alexandre Rizk, a real estate entrepreneur, acquired The Artisan Hotel for $12 million. Rizk’s vision for the hotel was to create a cannabis-inclusive environment that would cater to adults seeking a unique and welcoming experience in Las Vegas.

Renovations and Opening

After purchasing The Artisan Hotel, Rizk invested approximately $3 million in renovations, ensuring that the hotel would provide a high-end and comfortable stay for its guests. The renovations included the installation of an advanced air filtration system on the fourth floor, which became the designated marijuana-friendly floor. With these renovations complete, The Lexi opened its doors to the public in early June, ushering in a new era of cannabis-friendly accommodations in Las Vegas.

Cannabis-Friendly Policies

Cannabis-Inclusive, Not Cannabis-Centric

One of the key distinctions of The Lexi is its approach to cannabis. While it is a cannabis-friendly hotel, The Lexi does not prioritize cannabis as the central focus of its offerings. Instead, it aims to create an inclusive environment in which cannabis enthusiasts can enjoy their stay without overwhelming non-consuming guests. This balance allows for a harmonious coexistence between those who partake in cannabis and those who do not.

No Sale of Cannabis

Although The Lexi welcomes guests to consume cannabis on its premises, it does not sell cannabis directly. The hotel focuses on providing a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere where guests can bring their preferred cannabis products and enjoy them in designated areas. This approach ensures compliance with local regulations while still catering to the desires of cannabis enthusiasts.

Air Filtration System

To address concerns about the odor and smoke associated with cannabis consumption, The Lexi installed a state-of-the-art air filtration system on the fourth floor, where the marijuana-friendly rooms are located. This system helps maintain air quality and prevents unwanted odors from permeating other areas of the hotel, ensuring a pleasant experience for all guests.

Designated Marijuana-Friendly Floor

The Lexi designates the fourth floor as its marijuana-friendly floor. Only guests staying on this floor have the privilege of consuming cannabis. This approach allows for a more controlled environment and ensures that non-consuming guests are not exposed to cannabis smoke or other related activities.

No Smoking in Public Areas

To maintain a respectful and inclusive atmosphere, The Lexi strictly prohibits smoking or consumption of cannabis in public areas. This policy extends to the hotel’s bikini tops-optional swimming pool, ensuring that all guests can enjoy the amenities without being subjected to unwanted secondhand smoke.

Regulations in Las Vegas

Restrictions on Cannabis Use in Casinos

While adult-use cannabis is legal in Nevada, casinos in Las Vegas fall under federal regulation. As cannabis remains classified as a Schedule I substance on the federal level, casinos are prohibited from allowing any form of marijuana use on their premises. This restriction creates a unique opportunity for cannabis-friendly hotels like The Lexi to offer a space where cannabis enthusiasts can indulge without fear of legal repercussions.

Lack of Licensed Cannabis Consumption Lounges

One of the challenges faced by cannabis enthusiasts in Las Vegas is the absence of licensed cannabis consumption lounges. While tourists can visit numerous dispensaries to purchase cannabis products, there are currently no legally operating lounges where individuals can consume their purchases. The Lexi aims to fill this void by providing a private and comfortable space for guests to enjoy cannabis within their own rooms.

Alexandre Rizk and Pro-Hospitality Group

Overview of Pro-Hospitality Group

Alexandre Rizk is the CEO of Pro-Hospitality Group, a company that owns and operates ten hotel properties. Valued at approximately $100 million, Pro-Hospitality Group focuses on revitalizing standalone hotels and infusing them with new life and purpose.

Other Hotel Properties

In addition to The Lexi, Rizk and Pro-Hospitality Group own and oversee a portfolio of diverse hotel properties. These properties offer unique experiences and cater to a variety of guest preferences, highlighting Rizk’s dedication to providing exceptional accommodations across different markets.

The Lexi Hotel

With its prime location off the Strip on Sahara Avenue, The Lexi Hotel represents Rizk’s latest venture in the hospitality industry. Positioned as Las Vegas’ first cannabis-friendly hotel, The Lexi showcases Rizk’s innovative approach to the evolving cannabis landscape, combining luxury, comfort, and inclusion for guests seeking a unique experience.

Rationale for Cannabis-Friendly Hotel

Legal Cannabis Use in Nevada

The legalization of adult-use cannabis in Nevada presents an opportunity for entrepreneurs like Alexandre Rizk to tap into a growing market. As the cannabis industry expands, Rizk recognized the potential to cater to cannabis enthusiasts while adhering to local regulations and addressing the unique challenges presented by federal restrictions in casinos.

The Gray Area for Hotels

The legal framework surrounding cannabis consumption in hotels remains somewhat undefined in Nevada. While Arizona allows property owners to decide whether to permit or prohibit cannabis consumption, Las Vegas operates under different regulations. This ambiguity creates a gray area that a cannabis-friendly hotel like The Lexi navigates.

Rizk’s Measured Approach

Alexandre Rizk adopts a measured approach to operating The Lexi as a cannabis-friendly hotel. Instead of seeking licensing for cannabis activities, Rizk focuses on creating an environment that caters to his target market while staying within the confines of the law. By offering a private and designated floor for cannabis consumption, Rizk strikes a balance between compliance and providing a unique experience for guests.

The Artisan Hotel and Alexandre Rizk

Characteristics of The Artisan Hotel

Before its transformation into The Lexi, The Artisan Hotel stood as a funky and eclectic establishment that gained notoriety for hosting sex parties. This unique identity and reputation contributed to its appeal and attracted a specific clientele.

Rizk’s Acquisition of the Hotel

Alexandre Rizk’s purchase of The Artisan Hotel for $12 million served as a significant investment in his vision for a cannabis-friendly property. Recognizing its potential for transformation, Rizk embarked on an extensive renovation project to revitalize the hotel and create an inviting atmosphere for both cannabis enthusiasts and non-consuming guests.

Rizk’s Background and Motivation

Originally from Montreal, Canada, Alexandre Rizk brings his background as a military officer and his experience in real estate entrepreneurship to his role as the CEO of Pro-Hospitality Group. His motivation to establish cannabis-friendly hotels stems from identifying niche markets and providing unique experiences that cater to evolving consumer preferences.

Legality and Regulation

Differences in Cannabis Laws between Arizona and Nevada

While Arizona allows property owners to decide whether to permit or prohibit cannabis consumption on their premises, Nevada operates under different laws. The distinction between these two states highlights the complexities and variations in cannabis legislation across different jurisdictions.

Uncertainty and Debate in Nevada’s Cannabis Laws

The legality and regulation surrounding cannabis in Nevada remain in a state of flux. The lack of clarity in the laws governing cannabis consumption in hotels creates uncertainty and room for debate. As entrepreneurs like Alexandre Rizk navigate this gray area, it will be interesting to observe how the laws evolve and how they shape the future of cannabis-friendly accommodations in Las Vegas.

Future Plans for The Lexi

Desire for a Members-Only Lounge

One of the future plans for The Lexi is to establish a members-only lounge. This exclusive space would allow members to bring their cannabis products and enjoy them in a social setting. However, this plan is contingent upon potential changes in state law to facilitate such offerings.

Potential Changes in State Law

The evolving landscape of cannabis laws in Nevada opens the possibility for changes that could benefit cannabis-friendly establishments like The Lexi. Alexandre Rizk and his team are actively working with attorneys and lobbying firms to navigate the legal structures and advocate for changes that would better align regulations with the needs and desires of the hospitality industry.

Rizk’s Aspirations for the Hotel

As the CEO of Pro-Hospitality Group, Alexandre Rizk has a vision for The Lexi and its role in the cannabis-friendly landscape of Las Vegas. With the hotel’s opening and its initial success, Rizk aims to position The Lexi at the forefront of cannabis-friendly accommodations, providing exceptional experiences for guests within the boundaries of legal compliance.


The Lexi represents a pioneering effort to create a cannabis-friendly hotel in Las Vegas. With Alexandre Rizk at the helm and his measured approach to offering cannabis-inclusive accommodations, The Lexi has quickly established itself as a unique destination in the city. Despite the regulatory challenges and uncertainties surrounding cannabis laws, Rizk’s vision and dedication ensure that The Lexi will continue to evolve and thrive as a leader in the cannabis-friendly hospitality industry. Whether you’re a cannabis enthusiast or simply curious about the evolving landscape of accommodations in Las Vegas, The Lexi offers an experience that combines luxury, comfort, and inclusivity in a truly one-of-a-kind setting.