In this captivating article, you will delve into Safiya Nygaard’s adventure of exploring every hotel on the Vegas Strip. The video focuses on the 14 hotels on the East side of the Strip and provides in-depth thoughts on the room, vibes, and activities at each hotel. Safiya shares her personal experiences, recommendations, and information about each hotel, including popular ones like the Sahara, Wynn/Encore, Venetian/Palazzo, Harrah’s, LINQ, Flamingo, Cromwell, Bally’s (now Horseshoe), Paris, Planet Hollywood, MGM Grand, and Tropicana. The article also mentions Safiya’s social media channels, including her Instagram and TikTok, and highlights some of the unique experiences and attractions at each hotel. From Vegas-themed restaurants to quirky ice bars, this article covers it all.

Join Safiya and her partner Tyler as they explore the different hotels and restaurants in Las Vegas. Through their conversations and commentary, they provide an inside look into the pros and cons of each establishment. From the ornate and luxurious rooms at Wynn and Encore to the spacious and decent rooms at Venetian and Palazzo, Safiya and Tyler discuss the highlights and drawbacks of their experiences. They also share their thoughts on various celebrity chef restaurants, such as Bobby Flay’s Bobby’s Burgers and Buddy Valastro’s PizzaCake. This article is a comprehensive guide to the hotels and dining options on the Vegas Strip, helping you make informed decisions for your next trip to Sin City.

Exploring Every Hotel on the Vegas Strip: Safiya Nygaard’s Adventure

In her latest video, popular YouTuber Safiya Nygaard takes on the challenge of exploring every hotel on the Vegas Strip, focusing on the 14 hotels on the East side. Across the video, Safiya shares her thoughts on the room, vibes, and activities at each hotel, providing viewers with a comprehensive review of the Vegas hotel scene.

Safiya Nygaard’s Video

Safiya’s video begins with an enthusiastic introduction where she expresses her excitement for this Vegas adventure. She mentions that the video will cover the 14 hotels on the East side of the Strip and assures viewers that she will provide detailed information on each hotel’s room, vibes, and activities. Safiya also mentions that she will share her personal experiences, recommendations, and other useful information throughout the video.

Hotels Explored

The video features an exploration of various hotels on the Vegas Strip, including the Sahara, Wynn/Encore, Venetian/Palazzo, Harrah’s, LINQ, Flamingo, Cromwell, Bally’s (now Horseshoe), Paris, Planet Hollywood, MGM Grand, Tropicana, and more. Safiya and her team visited each hotel, allowing viewers to get a glimpse of the accommodations and facilities offered by these iconic Vegas establishments.

Personal Experiences and Recommendations

During her exploration, Safiya shares some personal experiences and recommendations. She mentions her love for flowers and highlights the Sahara’s mine as a standout feature. Additionally, Safiya recommends trying the Moroccan mint tea latte offered at one of the hotels. However, she does share a negative experience at the Lakeside restaurant in the Wynn, describing it as both expensive and unenjoyable. Overall, Safiya provides honest and helpful insights to help viewers make informed decisions about their own Vegas adventures.

Safiya’s Social Media Channels

Throughout the video, Safiya mentions and promotes her social media channels, including her Instagram and TikTok accounts. This allows viewers to stay connected with Safiya and get updates on her latest adventures in Vegas and beyond. She also mentions that she has other channels, encouraging viewers to explore different facets of her content.

Specific Hotel Experiences

The video delves into specific experiences at various hotels, giving viewers a closer look at what each establishment has to offer. Some notable highlights include:


Safiya shares her thoughts on Harrah’s, describing the hotel’s Mardi Gras and carnival theme. While she enjoys the clean and comfortable room, she feels that the overall vibe could be more lively. Safiya also explores the various activities at Harrah’s, including celebrity chef restaurants such as Bobby Flay’s Bobby’s Burgers and Buddy Valastro’s PizzaCake. She reviews the food at Bobby’s Burgers, mentioning that the burgers were good but heavy. She also highly recommends trying the cannoli at PizzaCake.


Safiya discusses the futuristic theme of The LINQ and highlights the High Roller observation wheel as a must-visit attraction. She also explores the LINQ Promenade, an open-air street with restaurants, bars, stores, and attractions. Safiya mentions some specific attractions, such as the Museum of Selfies and an ice bar, and shares her positive experience at Guy Fieri’s restaurant, praising both the food and the vibes.

The Flamingo

Safiya finds The Flamingo to have a retro feel and a flamingo theme throughout. She stays in a spacious, mid-century-inspired room that she describes as pink and comfortable. Safiya also mentions the Flamingo Wedding Chapel and the option to buy bricks with personalized messages. Overall, she has a positive experience at The Flamingo and notes that it has left a lasting legacy in the form of a brick with her name and YouTube channel.

The Cromwell

The Cromwell, a French-themed hotel, is another stop on Safiya’s Vegas adventure. She highlights some of its notable features, including Drai’s Nightclub and Beachclub and Giada De Laurentiis’s Italian restaurant. Safiya comments on the size and ambiance of Giada’s restaurant and mentions the oversized items, such as a huge wheel of cheese. She also describes the Cromwell’s room as having a heavy-handed boudoir sexy vibe with scandalous artwork.


Bally’s (now Horseshoe) is a large hotel with a nondescript exterior. Safiya explores the hotel’s recently redone rooms, noting their spaciousness and open concept layout. However, she points out that some details are lacking. Safiya also visits Twilight Zone Mini Golf in Bally’s basement, describing it as spooky and fun.


Safiya finds Paris to be a cozy and inviting hotel with thorough Parisian theming. She stays in a mid-priced room that she describes as adequate for her needs. Paris offers many dining options, including celebrity chef restaurants. Safiya mentions Vanderpump a Paris, a maximalist cocktail parlor rather than a traditional restaurant, where visitors can enjoy unique drinks and ambiance.

Planet Hollywood

Previously the Aladdin Hotel, Planet Hollywood is known for its Hollywood theme and various attractions. Safiya explores the Miracle Mile Shops, a mall complex connected to Planet Hollywood, and shares her experience at a robot bar. She discusses the room and amenities at Planet Hollywood, mentioning the bathroom and bed quality.

MGM Grand

Safiya visits the massive MGM Grand, remarking on its size and entertainment industry theme. She expresses disappointment with her room, citing a long hallway and cramped space as drawbacks. Safiya explores the pool complex and The District, a food court with celebrity chef restaurants, located within MGM Grand.


Safiya concludes her Vegas adventure at the vintage-inspired Tropicana hotel. She mentions the small casino floor and shares her experience at Robert Irvine’s Public House restaurant. Safiya notes that despite some flaws in the pillows and bathroom layout, the room was overall satisfactory. The Tropicana also offers pool and spa facilities for guests’ enjoyment.

Top Hotels

Based on her experiences, Safiya highlights the top hotels in terms of overall experience. These include the Venetian/Palazzo, Resorts World, Park MGM, Caesars Palace, and The Cosmopolitan. Safiya recommends these hotels for their exceptional accommodations, amenities, and service.

Top Activities/Attractions

Safiya also shares her top recommendations for activities and attractions in Vegas. Some of the highlights include the Ice Bar, Twilight Zone Mini Golf, Tournament of Kings, Adventuredome, and Ski Lodge at The Cosmopolitan. These experiences offer visitors unique and memorable adventures during their stay on the Vegas Strip.

Top Dining Experiences

Food enthusiasts will appreciate Safiya’s top dining experiences in Vegas. Safiya recommends Street Eats at Resorts World, Eataly at Park MGM, Hell’s Kitchen at Caesars Palace, Momofuku at The Cosmopolitan, and Vanderpump a Paris for their exceptional menus, flavors, and ambiance.

Best Rooms

For those seeking ultimate comfort and luxury, Safiya includes a list of the best rooms in Vegas. These include accommodations at Encore, Nobu Hotel, NoMad, Waldorf Astoria, and The Cosmopolitan. Safiya notes that these rooms offer creature comforts and top-notch amenities for a truly indulgent experience.


In conclusion, Safiya Nygaard’s video provides viewers with an extensive and entertaining look into every hotel on the Vegas Strip. She shares personal experiences and recommendations, giving viewers valuable insights for their own Las Vegas adventures. Safiya’s lively commentary and dynamic exploration make this video a must-watch for anyone planning a trip to Sin City. With her honest reviews and engaging storytelling, Safiya takes you on a wild Vegas extravaganza that will leave you eager to experience the city for yourself.

As the video concludes, Safiya expresses her hope to return to Vegas and potentially continue exploring more hotels on the Strip. She signs off by providing her short-form and social media handles, allowing viewers to stay connected with her. Additionally, Safiya promotes her merch website, giving fans an opportunity to support her content and show their love for Safiya’s Vegas adventure.