Are you ready for the ultimate 24-hour challenge at Palms Las Vegas? In this exciting video by Norma Geli, you will experience all that the Palms Hotel and Casino has to offer. Situated just 2 miles away from the Las Vegas Strip, this local challenge showcases the various amenities and features of the hotel, including restaurants, bars, rooftop venues, movie theaters, and a fabulous spa. Join Lydia as she takes you on a journey through Tim Ho Wan, The Spa, Make Good Choices Suite, La Popular, Ghostbar, and Serrano Vista. Get ready to be entertained, indulge in delicious food, relax in luxurious rooms, and explore everything the Palms has to offer. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and comment with suggestions for other hotels to visit for a 24-hour challenge. Are you up for the challenge?

1. Overview of Palms Las Vegas

1.1 Location and Amenities

Palms Las Vegas is a hotel and casino located just 2 miles away from the Las Vegas Strip. It offers a wide range of amenities and features that make it a popular choice for visitors. The hotel boasts several restaurants, rooftop venues, movie theaters, bars, a spa, and even concert venues. Whether you’re looking for a place to dine, enjoy a drink, relax at the spa, or catch a show, Palms Las Vegas has it all.

1.2 Highlighted Features

Some of the highlighted features at Palms Las Vegas include Tim Ho Wan, a restaurant known for its delicious dumplings. The spa, simply known as The Spa, offers a variety of services to help guests relax and unwind. The Make Good Choices Suite is an experiential suite that offers a unique and immersive experience. La Popular is a Mexican restaurant that serves up delectable dishes and drinks. Ghostbar, located on the 55th floor of the hotel, offers stunning views and a lively atmosphere. Lastly, Serrano Vista is a cafe that serves up breakfast specials that are sure to satisfy.

2. Introduction to the 24 Hour Challenge

2.1 Local Challenge at Palms Hotel and Casino

Are you up for a challenge? Join us for the 24 Hour Challenge at Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas! This unique challenge takes place right at the Palms Hotel and Casino, giving you a taste of what it’s like to stay at this incredible establishment. From exploring the amenities to indulging in the delicious food options, this challenge will give you a comprehensive experience of what the Palms has to offer.

2.2 Experience Presented by Lydia

In this 24-hour challenge, Lydia takes you on a journey through the Palms Hotel and Casino. She showcases the various amenities and features of the hotel, giving viewers a firsthand look at what it’s like to stay there. From the moment she checks in to the moment she checks out, Lydia provides a detailed and entertaining experience that will make you feel like you’re right there with her. So sit back, relax, and get ready to experience Palms Las Vegas like never before.

3. Video by Norma Geli

3.1 Location of the Video

The video by Norma Geli takes place at The Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Norma and her team explore the different areas of the hotel, showcasing the stunning views, amenities, and features.

3.2 Showcasing Amenities and Features

The video provides a detailed tour of the various amenities and features at Palms Hotel and Casino. From the restaurants and bars to the spa and pools, viewers get a glimpse of everything the hotel has to offer.

3.3 Food Tour at a Dumpling Restaurant

One of the highlights of the video is a food tour at a dumpling restaurant located within the hotel. Norma and her team sample a variety of dumplings, showcasing the artistry and taste that goes into each handmade dumpling.

3.4 Visit to Palms’ Spa

The video also features a visit to the Palms’ spa, where viewers get a firsthand look at the massage services offered. Norma and her team show the relaxation and rejuvenation that can be found at the spa.

3.5 Showcase of Hotel Rooms

Different types of hotel rooms are showcased in the video, including experiential suites, standard suites, and penthouses. Viewers can get a sense of the luxury and comfort provided by each room.

3.6 Visit to a Mexican Restaurant

Norma and her team visit a Mexican restaurant located within the hotel, giving viewers a taste of the delicious food and drink options available. From traditional Mexican dishes to refreshing cocktails, the restaurant offers something for everyone.

3.7 Conclusion at Ghost Bar

The video concludes with a visit to Ghost Bar, located on the 55th floor of the hotel. Norma and her team soak in the stunning views and lively atmosphere, providing a perfect ending to their experience at Palms Las Vegas.

4. Live ENT Entertainment at Palms Las Vegas

4.1 Start Time and Venue

Live ENT Entertainment at Palms Las Vegas starts at 10 p.m. The venue provides a vibrant and energetic atmosphere for guests to enjoy live music and performances.

4.2 Highlighted Drinks

One of the highlights of the entertainment experience at Palms Las Vegas is the wide variety of drinks available. The Golden Child, a vodka-based drink with turmeric syrup, lemon, and pineapple juice, is a popular choice. Another must-try drink is the Ghost Story, which features tequila, strawberry puree, lemon, and basil.

4.3 Special Garnishes

The drinks at Palms Las Vegas are not only delicious but also visually appealing. They are garnished with a Ghost bar ice cube and edible glitter, adding an extra touch of glamour to the experience.

5. Fatigue and Comfort at Palms Hotel

5.1 Mention of Tiredness from 24 Hours Awake

In the video, the narrator mentions feeling tired from being awake for 24 hours. This highlights the challenge aspect of the experience and adds a relatable element for viewers.

5.2 Appreciation for Comfortable Bed and Pillow

Despite the fatigue, the narrator expresses appreciation for the comfortable bed and pillow at Palms Hotel. This emphasizes the hotel’s commitment to providing a comfortable and relaxing stay for its guests.

6. Breakfast at Sanov Vista Cafe

6.1 Opening Hours

Sanov Vista Cafe is open 24 hours from Thursday to Monday. This provides guests with the convenience of enjoying a delicious breakfast at any time during their stay.

6.2 Enjoying Breakfast

The narrator in the video enjoys a satisfying breakfast at Sanov Vista Cafe. This further highlights the hotel’s commitment to providing a great dining experience for its guests.

6.3 Serrano Club Specials

The video mentions the Serrano Club specials available at Sanov Vista Cafe. This adds an extra level of variety and excitement to the breakfast options, ensuring that guests can find something they love.

7. Overall Satisfaction and Great Views

7.1 Expressing Satisfaction with the Hotel

The narrator expresses overall satisfaction with their experience at Palms Hotel. From the amenities to the food and everything in between, the hotel surpasses their expectations and provides a memorable stay.

7.2 Mention of Great Views

Throughout the video, the narrator mentions the great views that can be enjoyed from various areas of the hotel. This highlights the unique and breathtaking sights that guests can experience during their stay.

8. Call-to-Action in the Video

8.1 Request for Likes, Subscriptions, and Comments

At the end of the video, viewers are encouraged to like, subscribe, and comment on the video. This helps to support the content creator and allows them to continue producing informative and entertaining videos.

8.2 Suggestions for Other Hotels to Visit

The narrator also asks viewers to leave recommendations for other hotels they would like to see explored in a 24-hour challenge. This encourages engagement and provides the content creator with ideas for future videos.

9. Instagram Profiles and Videos

Throughout the video, various Instagram profiles and videos are mentioned. Viewers are encouraged to check out these profiles for more content related to the Palms Hotel and Casino and other Las Vegas attractions.

10. Conclusion

Overall, the 24 Hour Challenge at Palms Las Vegas offers a unique and exciting opportunity to experience all that the hotel has to offer. From the breathtaking views to the delicious food and exciting entertainment, Palms Las Vegas delivers an unforgettable stay. So why not take on the challenge yourself and see if you can make the most of 24 hours at this incredible hotel and casino?