In “15 Dumb Mistakes Tourists Make in Las Vegas” by Jaycation, the video highlights common tourist mistakes to avoid while visiting Las Vegas. From jaywalking on Las Vegas Boulevard to overpaying for items at hotel convenience stores, this video covers it all. It also provides tips on where to find cheaper prices on snacks and drinks, the importance of pacing oneself with alcohol consumption, the need to bring enough cash for tipping and gambling, and the significance of making reservations at restaurants. Additionally, the video discusses the importance of getting enough sleep, taking advantage of free trams on the Las Vegas Strip, and being cautious when walking in certain areas at night.

Overall, this captivating article outlines 15 dumb mistakes tourists often make in Las Vegas and serves as a helpful guide for avoiding these blunders during your visit. So, whether you’re planning a trip to Sin City or just want to brush up on your Vegas knowledge, this video is definitely worth watching!

15 Dumb Mistakes Tourists Make in Las Vegas

Jaywalkers on Las Vegas Boulevard

One of the most common mistakes that tourists make in Las Vegas is jaywalking on Las Vegas Boulevard. Despite the presence of barricades and center strips, many tourists choose to disregard the safety precautions and attempt to cross the busy street. This not only puts their lives at risk but also disrupts the flow of traffic. It is important to remember that jaywalking is illegal and can result in accidents or fines. So, always use the designated crosswalks and pedestrian bridges when crossing the street.

Purchasing from the Mini Bar

Another mistake that tourists often make is purchasing items from the mini bar in their hotel rooms. These items are notoriously overpriced, and unsuspecting tourists can end up spending a small fortune on a simple bottle of water or a snack. Instead, I recommend visiting nearby convenience stores like CVS or Walgreens for cheaper prices on snacks and drinks. These stores are conveniently located near the hotels and offer a wide variety of affordable options.

Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Las Vegas is known for its vibrant nightlife and it’s no surprise that tourists often indulge in excessive alcohol consumption. However, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can have negative effects on your trip. It can lead to dehydration, fatigue, and even ruin your overall experience. If you do choose to enjoy a yardstick drink or a large cocktail, I recommend sharing it with multiple people to avoid excessive consumption. Pace yourself, stay hydrated, and remember to enjoy the rest of your trip without overdoing it on the alcohol.

Bring Enough Cash for Tipping and Gambling

When visiting Las Vegas, it is important to bring enough cash in both small and large denominations. Tipping is a common practice in Vegas, and having small bills on hand makes it easier to show appreciation to service staff. Additionally, if you plan on gambling, it’s always a good idea to have larger bills for betting. ATMs in Las Vegas often charge high fees, so it’s best to come prepared with enough cash to avoid unnecessary charges.

Negotiate Prices with Showgirls and Characters

Taking pictures with showgirls or characters on the Strip is a popular activity for tourists. However, it’s important to set a price before taking any pictures to avoid being scammed. Some showgirls and characters may demand exorbitant amounts of money after the photo is taken, causing an unpleasant experience. So, be sure to negotiate and agree on a price beforehand to avoid any surprises.

Get Enough Sleep

Las Vegas is a city that never sleeps, but it’s important to prioritize getting enough rest during your trip. With so many exciting things to see and do, it can be tempting to stay out all night and explore the city. However, lack of sleep can lead to fatigue and potentially ruin your experience. So, make sure to schedule enough time for sleep and rest to ensure you’re energized and ready to enjoy everything Las Vegas has to offer.

Take Advantage of Free Trams

Navigating the Las Vegas Strip can be exhausting, especially with the long distances between hotels and attractions. However, tourists often overlook the free trams that are available for transportation. These trams can help conserve your energy and make it easier to get around. So, be sure to take advantage of the free trams to save time and energy while exploring the city.

Be Mindful of Parking Fees

Parking on the Las Vegas Strip and downtown area is not free. Many hotels and resorts charge parking fees for guests. However, there are still some hotels that offer free parking, so it’s important to do your research and choose accommodations that provide this benefit. Additionally, there are nearby parking options that offer more affordable rates compared to hotel parking. By planning ahead and considering alternative parking options, you can avoid overpaying for parking fees.

Avoid Overpaying at Hotel Convenience Stores

Convenience stores located within hotels often charge higher prices for items such as alcohol and snacks. Instead of purchasing from these hotel stores, I recommend visiting nearby stores like Walgreens or CVS for more affordable options. These stores offer competitive prices and a wide selection of products, allowing you to save money and get better value for your purchases.

Make Reservations at Restaurants

With Las Vegas being a popular tourist destination, restaurants can get extremely busy, especially on weekends. To ensure you don’t miss out on dining experiences, it’s important to make reservations in advance. Even casual dining establishments can have limited seating during peak times, so it’s always a good idea to plan ahead and secure a reservation. This way, you can avoid disappointment and enjoy your meals without long waits.

Be Cautious at Night in Certain Areas

While Las Vegas is generally a safe city, it’s important to exercise caution when walking in certain areas, especially at night. Some neighborhoods may have higher crime rates or be considered sketchier than others. To ensure your safety, stay in well-populated areas and use well-lit streets. It’s always a good idea to be aware of your surroundings and trust your instincts to avoid any potential dangers.

Follow TSA Guidelines at the Airport

If you’re flying into or out of Las Vegas, it’s crucial to follow TSA guidelines and be respectful to TSA officers. Airport security can be a time-consuming process, but being patient and cooperative can help avoid delays and missed flights. Ensure that you’re familiar with the rules and regulations regarding prohibited items and follow instructions given by TSA officers. This way, you can have a hassle-free experience at the airport.

These are just a few of the common mistakes that tourists make while visiting Las Vegas. By being aware of these pitfalls and planning ahead, you can have a more enjoyable and hassle-free trip to the entertainment capital of the world. Remember to stay safe, make smart choices, and have a fantastic time exploring everything Las Vegas has to offer!