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Bellagio Fountains Blocked Off for Grandstands Construction

Hi there! We have some exciting news and updates about Las Vegas in October 2023. One of the major updates involves the Bellagio Fountains being blocked off for construction of grandstands. In this article, we’ll provide you with all the details about this construction project, its impact on tourists, alternative viewing options, and more. So let’s dive in!


Let’s start with some background information. The Bellagio Fountains are one of the most iconic attractions in Las Vegas. With their impressive water displays set to music, they have become a must-see for tourists and locals alike. Over the years, the fountains have hosted numerous events and shows, adding to the vibrancy and allure of the Las Vegas Strip.

Construction Updates

Now, let’s move on to the construction updates. The construction involves the building of grandstands near the Bellagio Fountains. These grandstands will provide an enhanced viewing experience for spectators during future events and shows. The nature of the construction is quite extensive, requiring the removal of trees and the blocking off of the fountain area. However, it’s important to note that the fountains themselves will continue to operate during this construction period.

The duration of the construction project is expected to be a significant one, so visitors will have to plan accordingly during their trips to Las Vegas. The construction schedule is being carefully managed to minimize disruptions and ensure the safety of both construction workers and tourists.

Effect on Tourists

Naturally, the news of the Bellagio Fountains being blocked off for construction has caused disappointment among tourists. Many visitors were looking forward to experiencing the captivating water displays firsthand. It’s understandable that this construction project may disrupt the plans of those who had specifically anticipated seeing the fountains during their Las Vegas trip.

Alternative Viewing Options

Fortunately, there are several alternative viewing options available for tourists who still want to enjoy water displays in Las Vegas. Temporary viewing areas may be set up to accommodate visitors while construction is underway. These areas may provide a similar experience to watching the Bellagio Fountains, albeit from a different location.

Additionally, Las Vegas boasts a variety of other fountains that offer mesmerizing displays. Visitors can explore options such as the Fountains of the Mirage, the Volcano at the Mirage, or the Fountains at the Wynn, among others. These alternatives ensure that tourists can still witness captivating water shows during their stay in Las Vegas.

Moreover, indoor shows and events at various resorts and entertainment venues can provide an enjoyable experience for those seeking entertainment beyond the fountains. From acrobatic performances to live music and magic shows, there’s something for everyone in Las Vegas.

Completion Date

While construction projects can sometimes face unexpected delays, the expected completion date for the grandstands construction at the Bellagio Fountains is currently slated for a future date. However, it’s worth noting that any unforeseen circumstances or factors may potentially impact this timeline. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to stay updated with the latest official announcements regarding the completion date.

Once the construction is completed, the grand reopening of the Bellagio Fountains will likely be announced with much excitement and anticipation. It will be a momentous occasion for both locals and tourists to witness the enhanced viewing experience offered by the new grandstands.

Impact on nearby Hotels

The Bellagio Fountains occupy a central and prominent location on the Las Vegas Strip. Therefore, the construction and temporary closure of this iconic attraction can also have an impact on nearby hotels.

The proximity of these hotels to the fountain area means that their guests may be affected by the construction. However, hotel management understands the importance of providing a quality experience for their guests, even during these disruptions. They will likely implement strategies to mitigate any inconvenience caused by the construction, ensuring that guests can still enjoy their stay in Las Vegas.

It’s worth noting that these construction projects can sometimes lead to fluctuating room rates. Hotels may offer discounted rates or promotional offers to compensate for any inconvenience caused by the construction. So it’s always a good idea to check with hotels directly for any special deals they may have during this time.

Impact on Nearby Attractions

The Bellagio Fountains are not the only attraction on the Las Vegas Strip. There are numerous other attractions in close proximity that tourists can explore while the construction is ongoing.

To encourage visitors to discover these alternative attractions, collaboration between nearby attractions may be initiated. This could involve offering combined ticket packages or joint promotional efforts to entice tourists to explore beyond the temporarily closed fountain area.

Some nearby attractions may also introduce their own special offers and discounts to attract visitors who may have planned to visit the Bellagio Fountains. These offers could be a great opportunity for tourists to experience other unique and exciting attractions in Las Vegas.

Reaction from Visitors

Given the widespread popularity and fame of the Bellagio Fountains, it’s no surprise that visitors have had strong reactions to the news of their temporary closure. Social media platforms have been buzzing with comments and opinions about the construction project. Some visitors have expressed their disappointment, while others have shown an understanding of the necessity for construction and the potential benefits it will bring in the future.

Visitor reviews and feedback can provide valuable insights for both the management of the Bellagio Fountains and other stakeholders in the Las Vegas tourism industry. These comments can help identify areas for improvement and ensure that the experiences of future visitors are even better.

Future Events and Shows

Looking beyond the construction period, it’s important to note that once the grandstands construction is completed, the Bellagio Fountains will be ready to host even more spectacular events and shows in the future. The enhanced viewing experience provided by the grandstands will make these events even more memorable for both locals and tourists.

Las Vegas has always been known for its world-class entertainment, and with the addition of the grandstands, the Bellagio Fountains will continue to be at the forefront of this vibrant entertainment scene. Whether it’s musical performances, themed water shows, or special events, the future holds exciting possibilities for visitors to experience at the Bellagio Fountains.


In conclusion, the construction of grandstands near the Bellagio Fountains is a significant project that is expected to enhance the viewing experience for visitors in the future. While the temporary closure of the fountains may cause disappointment among tourists, there are several alternative viewing options and attractions available in Las Vegas.

The impact on nearby hotels and attractions will be managed by implementing strategies to minimize disruption and provide alternative experiences for visitors. The reactions from visitors, reviews, and feedback will help shape the future of the Bellagio Fountains and ensure that they continue to captivate audiences for years to come.

So, while construction may temporarily affect the iconic Bellagio Fountains, the anticipation for the grand reopening and the overall impact on the Las Vegas Strip is something to look forward to. The future of the Bellagio Fountains is promising, and visitors can expect an even more spectacular experience once the grandstands construction is complete.